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Contact Us

Robert and Karin MacDowell
MacDowell Restorations
39845 The Narrows Road
Waterford, Virginia 20197
(540) 882-9000

Please Note: If you call on the telephone, please speak slowly and clearly when leaving your name and telephone number (twice) on our answering machine.

We can usually answer the telephone in person between 4:30 and 5:00 PM E.S.T. or E.D.S.T. on weekdays. We are closed weekends.Thank you !

Please don't call on our mobile phone number - we don't carry that phone around and will almost certanly miss your call.

Because of the decline in telephone quality, it's really much better if we have your message and telephone number via Email so we can contact you and send you driving directions via Email.

You may also E-mail me and include image files by clicking the following link or typing the address into your Email program:

Important Notes: When sending Email, please enter a Subject that will help me recognize your message as one pertaining to restoration or conservation. I will always answer any relevant Email that I receive. Should you receive no Email response, please call on the telephone.

If you need to contact us on a time-sensitive subject such as re-scheduling an appointment, please call us or leave a message on our telephone answering .Neither Karin or myself are married to our computers and anything sent after mid-afternoon on Sunday may not be read until Monday afternoon.

As I am also Webmaster for this Site, please let me have your comments and suggestions. Thank you !

We cannot accept items sent by post or other carriers. We have to ask that you make an appointment and bring your object (s) here for examination.

Generally we can determine whether we can help you by discussing your project with you on the telephone or by Email. If you send photos by Email, this can also be very helpful.

If you wish to bring a project to us, please call us for an appointment and please ask us for driving directions. Getting lost in this area is very frustrating.

Directions obtained through GPS and other mapping sources will lead you astray, as physical locations in mapping databases do not match actual addresses. I will gladly send you detailed driving directions by Email. Google Maps ( seems fairly accurate. If you type in our exact address, it should get you here, and if you can use your 'smart phone', you almost certainly have a mobile map service that actually works.

If you are driving a modern vehicle with built-in mapping on the dash, be aware that the info your vehicle has is based on GPS and it will lead you astray.

Please bring your checkbook or cash (we do not acccept credit cards) so that if you decide to have conservation work done that you will be able to make a deposit to secure a start point in our schedule, rather than you having to mail a deposit and risk having your project seriously delayed.

General Information

Time to complete projects is usually a maximum of 1 to 2-months. We usually do much better than that. We have also never lost any client's pobjects since beginning this service in 1970.

We do not charge any fee for price quotations given during appointments unless time-consuming, formal documents are needed.

Our payment plans are flexible - especially considering today's economic climate. We'll do our best to work with you. We gladly accept personal or bank checks, money orders, cash, etc., but do not accept credit cards.

Privacy and Security Statement

We protect all of the information that we have concerning our clients and friends to the best of our ability and do not share this information with anyone.

Our Conservation Laboratory and records are all in a secure location with access available only to Karin and myself. We do not have - and have never had - employees or used sub-contractors. Your personal information and property are afforded the highest level of protection we can provide. There are only the two of us here.

In summary, we will do our best to protect your privacy and property and will take whatever measures are within our capability to enhance security if we feel it becomes necessary.

Thanks for your visit !


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