Rare Shilla Dynasty (Korean, 5th-6th Century) Warrior on Horseback

On your right - a unique and ancient ceramic object. Engraved plaque on wooden base reads "Vessel in the Shape of a Warrior on Horseback (5th-6th Century Shilla Dynasty, Korea)".

It stands 8.5-inches high, is 11.5-inches in length. (Dimensions do not include the wooden base).

Refreshingly, this item had suffered only minor damage to the 'funnel'on the rear.
Detailed photo on left shows the funnel bonded together and missing pieces (lighter color) replaced. Fills were made with epoxy resin. Since the original is very coarse-textured, we were especially careful that no epoxy was allowed to harden anywhere but in the filled areas - not on the surfaces .

Finally, the finished project appears on your right. Since the damage to the funnel was minor, we were able to complete this project using great restraint with the airbrush.

Almost all of the original surfaces are free of paint or any other conservation materials.

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