Ethics and Standards of Practice

We enthusiastically endorse and endeavor to comply with the concepts supported by the International Institute for Conservation (IIC), the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) and the Washington Conservation Guild.

The above-mentioned groups are comprised of conservation/restoration professionals working in museums, other institutions and in private practice.

Our common goal is providing services that are reliable and that have minimum negative impact upon the objects we treat.

Primary objectives are stability of materials used in our work with respect to appearance and durability, and reversibility - meaning that repairs can be dismantled in the future without unnecessary damage to the original.

Preservation of the original is of paramount importance, therefore such practices as drilling, sanding on original surfaces, grinding, using adhesives and coatings that cannot be removed are strictly avoided. (Please visit our 'Photographic Examples' pages - links are on your left).

When reconstruction work is done it can often be finished in an essentially "invisible" fashion. While such restorations are not readily detectable on the outside surfaces, we do not attempt to disguise the fact that restoration work has occurred - for instance, we would never paint the inside of a doll's head to hide cracks and filled-in areas. Unless the object's damage is almost total, we would not paint an entire object or cover it with protective glaze, preferring to leave as much original material as possible showing, untouched.

Over time, we have evolved a system that meets all of these conservation objectives and, even now, are constantly evaluating methods and materials that hold promise of yielding even more satisfactory results.

Otherwise, we believe that our clients deserve to be treated as we would wish to be treated in every respect.

We keep our promises, are timely, and do all that we can to measure up to your expectations and provide you with a most pleasurable and satisfying business and personal experience.

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